Live on Logan / Jazz in the Park 2022

We are pleased to announce that our lineup for our Sunday Jazz series is booked for the remainder of this summer- we have some awesome talent lined up to continue our family-friendly, canine-friendly, picnic-friendly event for a few more weeks. Our lineup is shown, along with any weather cancellations or the like, here:

As a reminder of the origins, the program was started by a local neighbor who wanted to provide a stage for local musicians unable to play due to lockdowns, and offered it as a free – tipping optional but encouraged – show. Not all of his neighbors were onboard with the congregations outside his house, and long story short, our Park Advisory Council picked up the show as we had the space in our park to meet C19 distancing (et al) guidelines, and could properly permit the show with the city.

However, unlike during the pandemic, musicians now certainly have choices of venues, and providing top-class talent basically required us to assure a minimum “take” per show. We believe that $750 was a fair recompense for the show, and offer this. (In a rain-out event, we offer $250).

At the moment, the board has committed to NOT use PAC funds (other than as a temporary buffer) with this event- meaning we need sponsorship to complete the series. Our initial shows have been funded from generous donations by local businesses – we will circulate a summary thank-you of all of them to encourage patronization as we can – but we will need some additional donations from wherever we can get them. Learn more about how to donate, here.

We would like to thank the following people/companies for their generosity in making this year’s shows possible:

$500+ Cumulative Giving

  • Daniel La Spata

$250+ Cumulative Giving

  • Busy Beaver Button Company
  • Cathie Bond
  • Dumas & Associates Realty Inc
  • James Holcomb
  • Jeff Goeters
  • Kevin Palmer
  • Training by Tailor, LLC

$100+ Cumulative Giving

  • Ann McDonald
  • Christine Holden
  • Dina Petrakis
  • Elizabeth Neurauter
  • Emily Gregor
  • Jackson Keating
  • Jim Henaghan
  • Karl Haraldsson
  • Mike and Michelle Warner
  • Nick Janquart
  • Rebecca Rosenberry
  • Simone Weil
  • Steve George
  • Trent Jurewicz

Other Contributors

  • Adam John
  • Alexandra Slater
  • Amanda Vannaken
  • Anonymous
  • Andrew Meriwether
  • Brenden Bryant
  • Bryan Tuszi
  • Daniel Goldstein
  • Deborah Kaltman
  • Derek Ryan
  • Eric Leonard
  • Evangeline Lacroix
  • Gemma Petrie
  • Gianna Canning
  • Jake Wisby
  • James Hourican
  • Jennifer Selucky
  • Jess Mean
  • Jess Schwalb
  • Jill Newman
  • John Dugan
  • Jordan Young
  • Joshua Jund
  • Kari Hayden
  • Katherine Barnash
  • Kathleen Cook
  • Keirstin McCambridge
  • Kristi Hullum
  • Lindsay Eckert
  • Manoj Khandekar
  • Michael Mazur
  • Michael Tercha
  • Michele Ledbetter
  • Nathan Herbst
  • Paul London
  • Richard Frye
  • Rhea Heggaton
  • Samantha Herriges
  • Sara Mathers
  • Sophie Hanson
  • Spencer Tweedy
  • Staci McNelis
  • Stephanie Wong
  • Susan Kuranishi
  • Tierney Beck
  • Victoria Nelson